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About Us
We are inquisitive and methodical designers. From furniture through to urban buildings, we apply the same process of careful inquiry, discussion and refinement. We undertake work in remote places, rural villages, small towns and cities across Scotland. We have a wide range of project experience, and special expertise in residential projects.

Our Work
Every place has its own identity and character, and we always think about building something new as a process of adding to what is already there. We enjoy the beauty of the everyday and look to add value through attention to detail, rather than the novel gesture.
Building is an investment in the future, and we understand that sustainable buildings are those which will be valued and cared for by future generations. We actively explore materials and construction strategies which are practical and long lasting, as well as cost effective. Every project is an opportunity to create something of enduring value.

How can we help?
Our commissions all start with conversations, so if you have an idea you’d like to discuss, we’re happy to give friendly advice, identify the important questions, and explain the processes involved in taking your project forward.

2014 - Loire et Loges International Competition; 1st Place.
2014 - RIBA Presidents Medal Nomination. [Colin Baillie]
2014 - RIAS Rowand Anderson Award Nomination for best Scottish student. [Colin Baillie]
2014 - A+DS and RIAS Student Awards Exhibition. [Colin Baillie]
2013 - Young Architects Competitions: Post Quake Visions; Shortlisted Finalist.
2013 - A+DS and RIAS Student Awards Exhibition. [Colin Baillie]
2012 - Building Trust International: HOME Competition; 2nd Place, Honourable Mention.
2012 - Alexander Thomson Scholarship; 2nd Place, High Commendation.
2012 - Distinguished Writing Prize. [Martin Baillie]
2012 - RIBA Presidents Medal Nomination. [Martin Baillie]
2011 - A+DS and RIAS Student Awards Exhibition. [Colin Baillie]
2010 - Queen's Park Bandstand Competition; Shortlisted Finalist.

Colin Baillie (director)
Martin Baillie (director)
Megan Baillie
Tom Stark
Charles Rattray 
Ross Aitchison
Andrew Skulina